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Those looking to look better naked, lose body fat, maintain lean muscle-mass, and improve  quality of life. Eager to learn and take on new and challenging movements and workouts, but is not looking to compete in local or online CrossFit competitions.


Wants to become better mountain climbing, skiing, or pickup basketball. Excited to be challenged every day inside the workouts, but is also not looking to compete in local or online CrossFit competitions.


Looking to train for the CrossFit Games Open. This track is geared towards the goal of improving one’s scores on the competitive stage, training with specific movements and weights that are seen in competition.

To pull back the curtain a bit, here’s how we create our workouts.

We create the overarching “Workout of the Day”, using Comptrain Class, which uses a unique programming template and formula. From there, we alter this workout just slightly for all three tracks, purely based on the goals of the athlete. This is not three separate programs – it’s simply three variations of the “Workout of the Day” with your goals in mind.


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1406 West Park

Anaconda, MT




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